Oil Spill Ontologies

The ontologies specific to the oil spill scenario can be accessed here:

In addition to these ontologies, JSI created a set of topic ontologies available at (http://marquis.ijs.si/alexandra/envision/oilspills/) using the OntoGen tool. They are obtained using documents provided by domain experts from the landslides domain.

These ontologies contain relevant concepts for the case studies, however they are not complete. The extension of the ontology can done manually by loading the ontology in an editor. For these there are two types of files provided:

  • the files with .owl extension can be loaded in ontology editors, such as Protégé
  • the files with .rdf and .bow extensions can be loaded in OntoGen

The ontology, built for the oil spill domain, contains 13 concepts related to the ENVISION case study. There are 4 main groups of concepts representing the characteristics of oil and oil spills (oil_spill, oil_spill_characteristics, oil_type and environmental conditions). The available ontology is a refined version of a the initial OntoGen output. Together with a domain expert, several changes have been done to the initial ontology: giving more significant names for concepts, changing the hierarchy of concept,s and removing some of the concepts that were not related to the Envision use case. A detailed report of these ontologies can be found in D4.3.

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