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User Stories
1 Configure WMS Visualization MapViewer Portlet
2 Visualize a WMS MapViewer Portlet, TimeController Portlet
3 Configure WFS Visualization MapViewer Portlet
4 Visualize a WFS MapViewer Portlet
5 Configure SOS Visualization MapViewer Portlet
6 Visualize a SOS MapViewer Portlet, ChartViewer Portlet
7 Configure the Real-time Component RealTimeConfigurator Portlet
8 Monitor Real-time Observations from Physical Sensors RealTimeMonitoring Portlet
9 Insert Manual Observations in a SOS ManualInsertObservations Portlet
10 Discovering Event Definitions in Sensor Data EnStream Portlet
11 Event Detection from Observation Data Event Processing Service
12 Subscribe to Events Subscription Portlet, MapViewer Portlet
13 Visualize Events in Real-time Event Visualizer Portlet
14 Import a Web Service or Ontology Resource Portlet
15 Annotate a Web Service Visual OntoBridge Portlet, Resource Portlet
16 Publish a Semantically Annotated Web Service Resource Portlet
17 Semantic Discovery of Web Services Resource Portlet, Discovery Portlet
18 Multi-lingual Semantic Annotation Visual OntoBridge Portlet
19 Create a Web Service Composition Resource Portlet, Composition Portlet
20 Recommend Data Mappings Mediation Portlet, Composition Portlet
21 Configure the Execution Manager Resource Portlet, Execution Portlet

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