Deploy a Web Service Composition

Task: Deploy a Web Service Composition


Aim: The BPEL-based Web service composition should be deployed to the Runtime Infrastructure to make it executable and thus available for the scenario Web sites.


  • The Resource  Portlet is configured with a working Deployment Service
  • A least one deployable composition is in the user’s resource collection

Brief Description:

The deployment activity is uploading the BPEL-based composition resulting from the Workflow Editor to the Execution Infrastructure. It utilizes the back-end Deployment Service for this task. This component parses the BPEL file, extracts referenced XSD-schema and WSDL files, and generates the deployment descriptor required for the Orchestration Engine. The required state for a resource to be deployable is “Composition Draft”. The action “Deploy Composition” appears in the toolbar once a composition draft is selected (see also screenshot below).

21. Deploy a Web Service Composition
Resource Portlet with a selected composition draft

The individual steps happening during the deployment are listed in the following sequence:

  1. The Resource API packages the BPEL file and all associated files, including XSD schema and WSDL files. If the composition has been already stored as ZIP-file, this step is skipped.
  2. The Deployment API is called with the package and its name as parameters.
  3. The response is the location of the WSDL file describing the freshly deployed composition. The resource state of the composition is updated to “Deployed”, a new reference is added which points to the deployed service.
  4. A new resource is created by importing the new WSDL 2.0 service through the resource API. This step is required to further use the new WSDL files for new compositions or its publication to the catalogue.

Once deployed, the resource representing the BPEL file changes it state to “Deployed”. Selecting this resource will allow the user for un-deploying the composition.

Concrete example for importing an ontology:

  1. If no composition is available in the collection, you can download, for example, this ZIP file and upload it using the Resource Portlet’s import functionality.
  2. Select the composition, the button “Deploy composition” will appear in the toolbar.
  3. The deployment takes a considerable amount of time (due to the large number of XSD schema files typically associated with OGC Web service).  Once deployed, a message in the status bar will appear.

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