Monitor Real-time Observations from Physical Sensors

Task: Monitor Real-time Observations from Physical Sensors


Aim: One way to visualize in the ENVISION platform the raw observations received from a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is offered by the RealTimeMonitoring Portlet. The Portlet allows subscription to real-time observations received from physical sensors, to logs and statuses of the communication modules from the acquisition system. The observations are refreshed for the user periodically or on state change (value, quality, or timestamp).


  1. A service RxVSWebGateway available on the same ENVISION platform (see details here). This allows retrieving the physical observation from an external acquisition system.
  2. The Portlet is installed and configured according to the steps found in this document.

Brief description:

Real time characteristics and values from the environment are usually acquired using physical sensors belonging to a SCADA system. RxVSWebGateways are used for retrieving real-time observations from the physical sensors inside a SCADA system, thus performing real-time data acquisition from various data sources.

The Real Time Monitoring Portlet (RTM Portlet) allows the user to see the real time values and properties of a specific acquisition system, a specific sensor, operation logs.

The user may select one or more sensors (the properties of the first selected sensor appear in the lower right part of the main window) and then add them in the monitoring area by pressing the button “Add selected sensor(s)”. Thus, in the monitoring area, only the selected sensors are displayed. Their value is updated in real time. The most recent timestamp and quality state are always displayed.

8. Monitor Real-time Observations from Physical Sensors 1

Not only sensors may be monitored, but also the module status (for each module the following info is present: name, description, time start, time stop).

8. Monitor Real-time Observations from Physical Sensors 2

Different logs may be analysed:

8. Monitor Real-time Observations from Physical Sensors 3

Concrete example: The RealTimeMonitoring Portlet can be tested by going through the following steps:

  1. Go to the ENVISION platform deployed at
  2. Log in with a valid user name and password (access restricted due to data confidentiality; contact for access to test this concrete example)
  3. Select the »RealTimeMonitoring« tab
  4. Here you can perform the operations described above (add, remove, and monitor physical sensors in real-time)


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