Publish a Semantically Annotated Web Service

Task: Publish a Semantically Annotated Web Service


Aim: To make a semantically annotated Web service available for discovery.


  • The Resource Portlet has to be configured with the correct URL and credentials for an OGC-compliant catalogue service (preferably Geonetwork).
  • At least one Web service in the user’s collection has been semantically annotated.

Brief Description:

The publication action registers an OGC-compliant Web service to an OGC-compliant catalogue service.  Here, Geonetwork – an open source catalogue part of the OSGeo foundation – has been selected due to its features and available support through the community.

After a Web service has been imported and the WSDL and RDF-based service descriptions have been created, a service can be published to the catalogue. The result of the automatic translation into WSDL and RDF-based services provided by the Resource Portlet can already be used for (simple) semantic discovery using application-specific descriptions of the service and its data schema. The use of domain knowledge, i.e. descriptions what the data represents in the real world, in the data query requires Web services to be semantically annotated before they are published to the catalogue.

The Publication API re-uses the functionality provided by the open source library “geonetwork-manager”; the project is hosted on Google Code (see In its current state, the Publication API supports publishing and un-publishing of OGC-compliant Web services.

16. Publish a Semantically Annotated Web Service

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