Visualize a WMS

Task: Visualize a WMS


Aim: Visualize raster data delivered by a WMS in the Map Viewer.


  1. MapViewer and TimeController Portlets deployed on an installation of the ENVISION Portlet container, present in the same page, and configured with a WMS.

Brief description:

In the ENVISION Platform, a user can visualize different types of resources. The data coming from a Web Map Service (WMS) can be displayed as a raster, an image with a geolocation; this includes the WMS with a time component which can be displayed and animated during a given time. Then the procedure is as follows:

  1. The Map Viewer Portlet displays the raster data coming from the WMS; the Time Controller Portlet displays the beginning and ending date available in this layer
    2. Visualize a WMS
  2. Select new start/end date for visualization of the animation on this time dependent layer and validate the new dates by clicking on the “Validate” button
  3. Zoom in/out or pan in the map using the buttons at the top of the map (the hand, the magnifying glasses, and the earth icons)
  4. Launch the animation using the play button in the Time Controller Portlet (the others buttons allow the user to return to beginning, go to the end, or move step by step back and forward). The current displayed time of the map is shown in the Time Controller Portlet, and the current displayed time of the layer is shown in the Layer panel (which can be opened using the arrow at the top right) of the Map Viewer Portlet.

Concrete example: Interested users can test the resource visualization. The steps are as follows:

  1. Follow the guide Configure WMS Visualization
  2. Use the page created in step 1

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